10 tips for choosing effective branded merchandise

Lyndon Evershed
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Lyndon Evershed
9 November 2016

Want to make your branded merchandise work for your business? At Limelight we’ll give you our top 10 tips for how to choose the right promotional merchandise to fit with your wider marketing objectives and what will work best for you. So without further preamble let’s look at the top 10 tips for choosing branded merchandise for your organisation.

1.  Know your customers

This may sound obvious but getting to know your customers and how they work is an essential part of picking the right promotional products. If they are office based then desk calendars, mouse mats and branded pens are all good options. For customers that travel a lot what about a branded travel mug? Knowing your customers will help you choose products that are relevant.

2.  Make it useful

Did you know that nearly 90% of people keep a branded product that they find useful according to research by BPMA. The more useful a branded product is the more chance that your customers and potential clients will use it frequently. From branded mugs to gym bags, think of your audience and choose your products accordingly.

3.  Timing is everything

If your customers buy from you at a particular time then time your promotional item to coincide with this. This will give your customers an added incentive to use you over your competitors at a time when they might be thinking of trying someone new.

4.  Be creative

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box to provide a product that addresses a need or a problem of your clients. Something that makes them smile can also create a positive experience that will make them more likely to remember your business compared to the competitors.

5.  Make sure it reflects your brand

This should go without saying that the product chosen should reflect your brand and image. So if you are a luxury brand picking an executive pen as a promotional item will give a better impression compared with a cheap plastic pen. Company colours, logos and branding need to be made consistent to help give the right look.

6.  Quality counts

Never pick the cheapest option. The better the quality of a branded item the more it will be used by your audience. It may be tempting to pick the cheaper option but this is a false economy in the long run as the product is more likely to break and be discarded.

7.  Don’t over-brand

There is a fine line on promotional merchandise when it comes to branding. If a product is completely covered in branding it may be discarded so subtle branding may be the best option.

8.  Be personal

For existing customers make sure you take the time to personalise any branded merchandise. Not only with a personalised product give a deeper emotional association it will also help your brand stick out above your competitors.

9.  Don’t forget the call to action

From telephone number and website address to social media links, make it clear how you want clients or customers to get in touch. The easier it is for them to get in touch with you the more likely you’ll be to convert them into a loyal customer.

10.  Think of delivery

How do you intend to give away the promotional items? Choosing the right item based on delivery is crucial. For postal items the weight and dimensions need to be considered carefully while trade shows allow you to pick bigger and heavier items as there will be no postage costs. If you never attend trade shows and don’t have showrooms opt for items that can easily be posted.

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