10 Time saving tips for events success

Lyndon Evershed
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Lyndon Evershed
17 October 2017

Why are events still important in today’s fast-moving world of digital communications and social media marketing?

Marketing is all about engaging with the right people, and building brand awareness and relationships with key buyers is essential.

Industry events are here to stay as they offer important opportunities to meet prospects, existing customers, suppliers and competitors.

Participating in events, whether as a speaker, exhibitor or attendee, creates new business opportunities and keeps team members ahead of the latest sector trends. Moreover, it allows you to do competitor research and ensures you are seen as an influential player in your industry.

As an exhibitor, events participation can be very time consuming and sometimes stressful for those colleagues who are managing it.

Whether your events are organised in-house or outsourced to an events management agency, here are our 10 time saving tips for events success:

1.     Prepare an events kit, which should include a modular events stand and design that features your main marketing messages and can be adapted to fit different spaces.

2.     If you use branded merchandise to engage with your audience, add a selection of pre-approved designs and items to your events kit, ensuring your merchandise shows off your brand well. Popular items include power banks, stress balls and pens.

3.       Set up a solid system for collecting leads. We find hiring delegate badge scanners are the most effective method.

4.       Create a dynamic checklist, for example on Trello, to simplify your events organisation processes.

5.       Meet with all stakeholders before the event so that everyone knows their role on the day. Don’t rely on people to take notes for you, simply publish a dedicated events briefing memo for all colleagues.

6.       Every time you attend an event, make time to review and record your learnings.

And if you’re outsourcing your events management to an agency…

7.       Prepare a detailed brief for the agency, sharing your expectations and what you hope to achieve from the event. We recommend you get this signed off by all key stakeholders as this helps to clarify key facts, which will shape the events delivery, well in advance, saving time and money.

8.       Set up clear lines of communication upfront with your agency and make time in your diary for regular catch-ups leading up to the event.

9.       Agree emergency hotlines – will you use Skype, WhatsApp or your mobile phone for dealing with urgent questions? What is an acceptable response time?

10.       Events management is all about the detail, so leave nothing unprepared in the lead up to the event. This will ensure that you can make time for the unexpected in case of any last-minute changes or hurdles.

We wish you every success with your next event. We believe having the right merchandise for your audience can draw in the crowds and create a fantastic first impression for your brand. Speak to one of our merchandise experts to get a quote for your next event.

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