The Best Promotional Products For 2018

Lyndon Evershed
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Lyndon Evershed
9 May 2018

2018 has flown by so far this year, who can believe that we are already in April?! We’ve been taking a look at which products have been trending this year and which products we predict will be trending for the rest of 2018!

The biggest trend of all has got to be fashion, with promotional t-shirts & polo shirts being an ongoing trend year on year! By achieving brand recognition through a trendy t-shirt, people will continue to attract attention to your brands designs. Slogan t-shirts have been going down a storm this year, so why not brand a t-shirt with your brand’s slogan or a catchy phrase that links to your branding! But if you want to go for more simple approach then who can go wrong with a little logo print?

Now, let’s think about the start of almost everyone’s morning routine. Coffee! The coffee industry has given the world a real buzz in 2018, independent stores are popping up everywhere. But more importantly a lot of them are encouraging people to bring their own coffee cups or mugs to reduce the amount of plastic and paper waste. By branding your own coffee cup for customers or staff to use you aren’t only raising awareness for your brand, but you are also contributing to the environment and who doesn’t want that!

Next up, a lot of people are still on their fitness kick for 2018 and with summer fast approaching, more people than ever are jumping on the gym hype! Wellness products are an increasingly popular category with customers and colleagues. By promoting a healthy lifestyle, you are showing your employees and customers that you care about their health and wellbeing. Fitness trackers and water bottles are great promotional items to give away to employees as rewards or corporate gifts.

Finally, who isn’t leaving the house without their phone now?! Power banks are everyone’s best friend in 2018, especially for businesses that are dependent on their phones. A portable and stylish power bank boosts your phones battery and your brands awareness by helping your customers and colleagues through their dynamic and busy lifestyles. Why not take your power bank to the next level and create something that no one else has, by adding extra functions to an already desirable product, you could end up with the trendiest promotional product of the year!

We hope that these trendy products help you to promote your brand in 2018, and if you still want some other ideas then take a browse at our range of the products on our site!

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