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Lyndon Evershed
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Lyndon Evershed
20 July 2018

So you’ve been asked to work at your firms next promotional event, you need to offer some of the most engaging and beneficial promotional products to get your company noticed and help customers remember you after the event. But what do you choose?

Promotional events can be anything from a conference, festival, local trade show, exhibition or a networking event and they’re a great way to showcase your brand to a large audience who all have a similar interest and are all in the same place! However, you are competing for each attendee’s time and attention so either way, you still need products that are going to entice your potential audience into expressing an interest in the services or products that you are providing. By branding products, or having interactive elements to your booth is ultimately going to drive footfall and engagement to your stand.

Here are 5 promotional products you need at your next promotional event:

  1. Make it a competition – It’s a classic technique but it’s guaranteed to spark interest if you are offering a prize with obvious value for anyone that enters. That way once they are at your stall and interacting with you there is the opportunity to start talking to them about your services. Use something small like mints, paperclips, sweets or keyring and  put them all into a jar and ask people to guess how many are in the jar to win the prize.
  2. Is it practical? – This is an obvious one, but who would want to receive an item that isn’t useful to them? It also makes sense to offer something that is easy to take home and transport from the event to their home to ensure they don’t leave it at the event. Smaller items such as mugs, mints, lanyards or bottles of water are best for this!
  3. Stand out from the crowd – If you really want to have visitors coming over to your stand then think outside of the box and offer something unique in comparison to the other exhibitors. Be imaginative and offer a promotional item that fits the audience’s needs and interests, that way people will ask where they received the gift from ultimately sending people in your direction.
  4. Cover up the competition – Tote bags are brilliant for trade shows, everyone is handing out promotional gifts and people will need something to transport them in. By offering tote bags with your logo on, you will be providing a useful item to visitors and hiding any promotional gifts from other exhibitors! In little to no time, the show will be filled with people walking around using your tote bags, promoting your brand as they wander.
  5. Stay on trend– Choose something which is trending, by having products you will inevitably entice people over to your stand! Fidget spinners, portable chargers, headphones and USB travel adaptors the list could go on forever! These are things that visitors may even purchase outside of the exhibition, but if they see or hear that you are handing them out for free they are more likely to come over and talk to you.

Now that you have our top 5 tips to the best and most effective promotional products for your next event, go over to our website and check out all of the items mentioned!

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