How to Improve your Presence on LinkedIn

Lyndon Evershed
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Lyndon Evershed
4 December 2018

Social media can be an excellent way to promote your brand and with LinkedIn being the ultimate business-centred medium, it’s definitely worth putting in some extra time and effort to develop your brands’ presence. With over 500 million users, LinkedIn can provide business exposure, enable you to engage with clients and generate sales. Here are some useful tips on just how you can do that.

Complete your Page – Companies with completed page information get over 30% more views. Most importantly, make sure the following are filled out: description, logo, contact information and company information.

Invest in quality content – In order to get the full benefit of the platform, you will need to share and create consistent, good quality content that addresses the main aims and objectives of your brand.

Keep it consistent – Try posting around 3-7 times a week to establish a good relationship with your audience. Posting during work hours will be beneficial with a focus on weekdays between the hours of 10am-5pm.

Speak to your Audience – Spend time understanding the actions of your page visitors and the engagement levels of posts… it will soon become clear as to what works well for your brand.

Ask Questions – Asking questions is a great way to start a conversation with other LinkedIn members. Always engage in the comments and make sure to like/ respond to relevant posts.

Highlight the Best of Your Brand – Be sure to highlight any particularly interesting and prominent information – This could include exciting contracts/collaborations and promotions.

Include Images & Videos – When posting on LinkedIn, you should always include images or media. Images usually receive a 2x high comment rate and videos are 5x more likely to be viewed above other types of content – a particularly great way to spark conversation!

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