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Lyndon Evershed
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Lyndon Evershed
18 March 2019

With Valentines Day out of the way, Easter is right around the corner. At Limelight Publicity we understand it can be stressful keeping your promotional merchandise up to date with all the various seasonal occasions. That’s why we have put together our list of top Easter promotional products to help you brand shine this Easter.

Of course Easter is all about the chocolate, one of the reasons we love it so much! This year we’ve included some non-chocolate and non-egg themed ideas for your Easter promotional merchandise. So without further or do, here is our list of top Easter Promotional Products.

Limelight’s Top Promotional Easter Products

  1. Golden Chocolate Easter Egg: of course we have to include the classic Easter gift, the Easter Egg. This Easter Egg is more unique than others, being contained in 100% recyclable packaging. Printed with your company logo and Easter greeting. This Easter Egg makes a great client gift as well as showcasing your green efforts.
    Golden Chocolate Easter Egg
  2. Easter Chick Stress Ball: perfect for wishing Easter seasons greeting as well as relieving stress. This cute little chick bursting through an egg will make a super cute, yet effective, Easter freebie. Printed with your logo our Easter Chick Stress Ball will not only promote your brand but will also wish your clients a Happy Easter!

    Easter Chick Stress Ball
  3. Yellow Belgian White Chocolate Duck: this little cutie is unique because the Belgian white chocolate is painted yellow, making this little duck super realistic. Just like the one you float in your bath! Only this duck is made from high quality Belgian white chocolate. With a branding area to the outer swing tag. Great for increasing brand awareness as well as spreading your Easter greetings!
    Yellow Belgian White Chocolate Duck
  4. Easter Bunny Bag Cookies: our Easter cookies are housed in an adorable bunny shaped package. Containing 35g of oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips. Printed with your company logo and seasonal Easter message to the product tag. Not only are these Easter cookies delicious, they are also great for boosting your brand awareness.

    Easter Bunny Bag Cookies
  5. Easter Bunny Logo Bug: the tried and tested promotional product, the logo bug. But this time, the logo bug is Easter themed and giant sized. Larger than a regular logo bug, our Easter Bunny logo bug is sure to resonate with your clients. A super cost effective way of building brand awareness as well as sharing your Easter cheer.Easter Bunny Logo Bug
  6. Easter Bunny Jelly Gummy: perfect for the non-chocolate, sweet lovers. Our really cute Easter Bunny Jelly Gummy is the perfect sweet treat this Easter. It’s outer packaging can be printed with your company logo and Easter seasonal message. Making this product a great little Easter gift for your clients.
    Easter Bunny Jelly Gummy
  7. Easter Egg Shaped Light: this one is a little different but still in keeping with the Easter theme. A nifty little Easter Egg shaped light perfect for reading. This egg lamp can printed with your company logo and makes a practical and useful client gift this Easter.
    Easter Egg Shaped Light

So there you have it – our top Promotional Easter Products.

And of course we haven’t forgotten about the chocolate lovers. Check out our full Promotional Easter Products collection for a whole range of chocolatey, sweet treats.

All printed with your company logo to boost your banding efforts this Easter. Limelight Publicity are here to help increase your brand awareness through the means of effective Promotional Merchandise. We have a huge range of products perfect for any occasion. To find out how we can help your brand shine, get in touch with one of our friendly team today.

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