Promotional Eco Friendly Notebooks: The Appeel Notebook

Lyndon Evershed
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Lyndon Evershed
28 October 2019

Introducing the latest eco friendly innovation to our promotional eco friendly notebook collection – the Appeel Notebook. Possibly the most innovative product to come into the eco friendly sphere. The Appeel notebook is crafted from apple peel, vegetable fibres and sustainable pulp.

Bound in a beautiful soft touch apple cover and containing FSC certified ivory tinted apple paper, you can be confident that this notebook is not only elegant, but also highly eco friendly. Also featuring a contrasting closure band for that extra touch of charm.

With paper accounting for 25% of landfill waste and 33% of household waste. It is vital businesses start making the switch to eco friendly alternatives. That is why we offer a range of promotional eco friendly notebooks perfect for your brand.

Our most innovative and elegant of our promotional eco friendly notebooks is of course the Appeel Notebook. Assuring the highest quality, you can’t get much more eco friendly than this product. It is crafted using 100% green hydroelectric energy, and FSC certified using paper only from sustainable sources.  Also fulfilling the obligations for REACH compliance, you can be confident in your choice for an eco friendly option.

Furthermore, the carbon footprint of Appeel paper has been calculated and neutralized by offsetting to ensure an increased level of corporate climate responsibility. Also adding to the green properties of this product.

Promotional Eco Friendly Notebooks 2

Eco Friendly Notebooks Branding

The Appeel Notebook offers several beautiful branding options, making it fully customisable to suit your brand.

Blind Embossing

Create a sophisticated branding result with this hot stamping method. Used to create an impression of your artwork, blind embossing creates dimensional branding.

Promotional Eco Friendly Notebooks

Full Colour Digital Print

Showcase a creative design with our full colour, high definition printing. For superior branding results, the full colour digital print offer high definition, sharp edges, finer details and pin sharp typography.

Promotional Eco Friendly Notebooks 3

Dual Branding Techniques

To create a truly inspiring design, why not combine the above branding options, or even more. All Appeel notebooks can be branded with multiple processes for the ultimate wow factor!

Advertising Pages

For a coherent branded product, why not make use of our advertising pages. Create your own branded message to be inserted inside the notebook. Fully customisable printed advertising Appeel paper.

Promotional Eco Friendly Notebooks 5

Advertising Wraps

Create your own branded message with our custom designed advertising wraps around your Appeel Notebooks. Advertising wraps are also printed on Appeel card to stay consistent with the sustainability.

Promotional Eco Friendly Notebooks 4

With all these elegant branding options, you can be sure the Appeel notebook will allow you to really reflect your brands image.

If you like the look of our promotional eco friendly notebook, the Appeel notebook. Why not check out our full range of promotional eco friendly products now! To find out more about how we can help your brand shine, get in touch with our friendly team today. Also offering a creative design service. So never let a lack of branding hold your brand back.

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