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Mira Chomakova
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Mira Chomakova
13 January 2023

Our team at Limelight, along with our trusted suppliers want to support the planet, by redesigning a more sustainable merchandise industry.

We care about the planet, and this is reflected in the rapid growth of our eco-friendly product portfolio. We believe we all have a responsibility to consider the environmental impact of commercial growth and we are fully committed to sourcing sustainable, recycled and recyclable products wherever possible.

Last year, we partnered with Ecologi on our journey through to Net Zero. Ecologi invests our donations into a broad range of projects that are able to evidence that they are reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We’re growing our own forest too and planting at least one tree for every order we fulfil on behalf of our clients. We’re extremely proud to announce that in 2022, we planted over 3,000 trees! (3,015 to be exact) Visit our forest here!

We feel empowered, challenged and inspired and we’re continuing to make an impact and support the important climate crisis movement.

We recommend alternative products that are made responsibly from recycled materials and are recyclable. We select appropriately and ensure merchandise isn’t wasted, it has a purpose and isn’t just thrown away. That’s why we focus on quality and durability throughout our merchandise range.

Why trees?

“There are many ways to change the world and many different things that are needed. However, at Ecologi, we believe that planting trees is a great way to start. It’s now common knowledge that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5°C is to plant trees.

Trees are also crucial in preventing ecological collapse and preserving the world’s biodiversity. They provide habitat, shade, shelter and food for local wildlife, support local communities and stabilise soils to minimise the risk of natural hazards like landslides. They also help to purify air and water sources and even have a positive effect on our mental health.”

Our team are here to inspire you to go green!

Free merchandise audit

We aim to build a more sustainable future with our clients, by working together to substitute their branded merchandise with our growing, sustainable product range.

We’ll conduct a free merchandise audit, to understand where you could immediately change your future purchasing decisions, and move towards innovative, sustainable products.

Keep pace with the green movement and discover ways to become more eco-friendly with your merchandise.

Click here to request your FREE audit.

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