Branded Merchandise to elevate your event

Mira Chomakova
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Mira Chomakova
9 February 2023

With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your upcoming events. Whether you’re hosting a University Open Day, Corporate Lunch or Event Trade Show, here are a few things to ensure it’s a success!

Giveaway Merchandise

It’s the norm, to giveaway freebies to entice people to visit your event or stand. There are a wide variety of products to choose from, but considering you’re giving merchandise away for free, you’ll want to keep costs to a minimum. Branded sweet treats are always a great idea! Or perhaps something they’ll make use of more regularly, like a Trolley Keyring.


Whether it’s a hero product or something new to your brand, people will most likely request a sample to takeaway and try for themselves. So, it’s a great idea to invest in additional stock that can be gifted to the recipient. This does of course come with information from them in exchange. A brilliant method of warm lead generation; they’ll be expecting a follow-up from you.

Business Cards

With that in mind, you may be swamped and not everyone who passes by will have the time to stop and chat. So, ensure you have plenty of Business Cards to hand. But why not go unique, let them walk away with something useful and memorable!

Professional appearance

From exhibitions and trade shows, to sporting events and summer campaigns, have your team dressed accordingly. Branded clothing is often perceived as just printed T-Shirts. However, here at Limelight Publicity we have a broad range of different promotional clothing. Including shorts and trousers, t-shirts and polo shirts, hoodies and fleeces, as well as corporate shirts and smart wear. We have a wide range of promotional clothing items suitable for any occasion.

Take note

You’re sure to get some requests, so if you’re not supplied with the latest portable technology such as iPads, then don’t be afraid to turn back to basics! A branded pen and notebook will look great and come in very handy.


Aside from great giveaway merchandise, it may take a little more to get people wanting to know more. Incentives are a great way around this. From discounts off their first order or signing up to a membership, to Referral Programmes or bonus’s, get creative! Perhaps you could present your incentive in a branded Gift Pack or Hamper?

While there are many other logistics to consider, we can help you to elevate your brand with branded merchandise. So, why not get in touch and let our experienced team get the ball rolling!

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