The TOP 6 recycled products

Mira Chomakova
Written by
Mira Chomakova
29 June 2023


Our reliance on natural resources can be reduced by using recycled products.

Our planet possesses a limited amount of resources, and their depletion is alarming.

The extraction of minerals and oil from the earth requires a significant amount of energy.

Not to mention the material themselves, energy supplied and resources invested are thrown away after being used once and go to landfills.

By making conscious choices to support recycled products, we can help preserve the finite resources of our planet, reduce energy consumption, and minimize environmental degradation. Together, we can contribute to a more sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come.

The TOP 6 Recycled Products

Tritan™ Water Bottle

Choose from 5 different lid colourways

Recycled A5 Notebook

Eco notebook with kraft paper cover

Recycled Cotton Tote Bag

80% r-cotton & 20% r-polyester

Americano® Recycled Tumbler

Recycled PP Plastic

Recycled RPET T-shirt​​​​​​​

100% GRS certified recycled polyester

RPET Folding Umbrella

Recycled PET pongee polyester canopy

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