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Top tips for planning virtual events

Top tips for planning virtual events

Here are our top tips for planning your virtual events…   1. Shout about it! Good marketing is crucial for any event, including virtual ones. For optimum audience participation, make sure you promote your virtual event successfully. Use social media platforms (create a hashtag), blog posts, email and even direct marketing (we can show you […]

Limelight helped a global company supply incredible branded thank you gifts to over 9,000 staff to show appreciation for their hard work throughout 2020. The challenge Collecting individual addresses, securely Ensuring compliance and traceability Dispatching to over 9000 individual home addresses Limelight’s solution A unique secure web portal provided a selection of physical gifts, gift […]

Promotional Eco Friendly Notebooks: The Appeel Notebook

Promotional Eco Friendly Notebooks: The Appeel Notebook

Introducing the latest eco friendly innovation to our promotional eco friendly notebook collection – the Appeel Notebook. Possibly the most innovative product to come into the eco friendly sphere. The Appeel notebook is crafted from apple peel, vegetable fibres and sustainable pulp. Bound in a beautiful soft touch apple cover and containing FSC certified ivory […]

Eco Friendly Promotional Merchandise: Limelight Top Products

Eco Friendly Promotional Merchandise: Limelight Top Products

This week we are bringing you our top Eco Friendly Promotional Merchandise products. With a huge increase of interest in the eco-friendly world, brands are definitely making the switch to a greener business. A study undertaken by Unilever* reveals a whopping third of consumers are buying from brands based on their social and environmental impact. […]

Light Up Logo Notebook

View Product Our Light Up Logo Notebook is great for promoting your brand in a unique and memorable way. With your logo lit up, your brand is sure to get the attention it deserves. The Light Up Logo Notebook is a great product for taking to meetings with important clients. They are sure to remember [...]
Logo Toaster: Limelight Top Products

Logo Toaster: Limelight Top Products

Introducing the new ‘Logo Toaster’! Our latest innovative, and super cool, promotional product. We’ve just  launched our new ‘Home & Barware’ product category. So we thought we should introduce you to our favourite product in Home & Barware – The Logo Toaster! The Logo Toaster is an innovative product that will double your brand awareness. [...]

Wireless Ear Bud Powerbank

View Product Introducing our new Wireless Ear Bud Powerbank. Featuring an innovative combination of true wireless earbuds and an aluminium powerbank. Charge both your earbuds and phone on the go. A unique and innovative products. Our Wireless Ear Bud Powerbank makes an effective client gift, being both practical and impressive! Offering a clear print area, [...]
Light Up Logo Products: Limelight Top Products

Light Up Logo Products: Limelight Top Products

In this edition of ‘Limelight Trending Products’ we bring you the latest, and one of our favourite trending product ranges – Light Up Logo Promotional Merchandise. If you’ve attended any promotional merchandise or marketing exhibitions recently you’ll have seen this trend growing. Light Up Logo Promotional Merchandise is particularly unique because, as the name suggests, […]

Wireless Light Up Logo Headphones

View Product What better way to light up your brand than to actually....light it up? Our awesome collection of light up products, such as our Wireless Light Up Logo Headphones, really will highlight your brand. When the headphones are in use, the logo will light up. Giving your brand great exposure. The headphone uses BT [...]
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