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Be inspired to go GREEN

Be inspired to go GREEN

Be inspired to go GREEN

When it comes to sustainable promotional products, our range includes renewable materials such as stone paper, recycled paper, sugarcane, wheat-straw, corn plastic, organic cotton, RPET, bamboo and recycled cotton.

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Taking your company’s role within the local and wider community seriously has never been more important, especially as climate change is becoming an increasingly critical issue.

What’s one simple way to accomplish this? Choose sustainable promotional merchandise that amplifies your brand while also taking into account re-usability, recycling, and the responsible sourcing of the product.

Our range of sustainable items can help you create the perfect marketing campaign, whether it is eco-friendly totes, branded eco coffee cups, or recycled pens & pencils.

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We’ll conduct a free merchandise audit, to understand where you could immediately change your future purchasing decisions, and move towards innovative, sustainable products.

Keep pace with the green movement and discover ways to become more eco-friendly with your merchandise.

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Sustainable gift packs are a unique way to show your appreciation for your clients and employees, while also promoting your company’s sustainability efforts.

Whether you choose to fill the box with reusable water bottles, organic cotton clothing, or bamboo utensils, you can be sure that you are giving a gift that is both stylish and environmentally friendly. And with the option to customise the design of the box, you can add your company’s branding or logo to make it truly special.

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