Jägermeister started off as a local German brand. But a significant marketing drive, including advertising, trade fair appearances and nationwide sales representatives soon ensured that the herbal liqueur became a favourite in all pubs, clubs and bars around the globe!
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The Brief
Since collaborating with Jägermeister, Limelight has evolved into more than just a merchandise provider. We've become their strategic partner in shaping a distinct and memorable brand experience.
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The Limelight Solution
Focusing on bespoke merchandise, including barware, glassware, and on-trade items, our approach revolves around a seamless integration of design innovation and fast-turnaround event solutions.

A great example is the role we played in bringing to life their seasonal brand awareness campaign in the run up to Halloween. We produced a specially-made kit that included tattoo sleeves, bunting, mirror vinyls and other POS items – even a selfie poster with reflective ink that revealed a hidden image when the camera flashed!

Limelight also took care of the fulfilment, with over 1000 special kits being packed and delivered to individual bars & clubs around the UK.
The Result
Our journey is not just about providing items adorned with logos; it's about co-creating an experience that imprints Jägermeister onto the memories of their consumers. From the clink of bespoke glassware to the immersive allure of on-trade merchandise, our role is to enhance and extend the brand story seamlessly into every touchpoint.
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