On 1 February 2024, Allwyn UK became the operator of The UK National Lottery. Following this news, a brand launch was organised to mark this significant transition.
The Brief
To celebrate the brand transition, Allwyn came to Limelight with a request to produce over 1500 merchandise packs for all staff members to commemorate this event. The packs had to be distributed to multiple locations, including individual addresses, all before the launch date.
The National Lottery
The Limelight Solution
Limelight came up with sustainable and eco-friendly pack suggestions. From ocean bottles, made from minimum 67% recycled materials to recycled fleece jackets, recycled lanyards, notebook and pen sets, all tucked in a premium recycled anti-theft laptop backpack.

As an added service, Limelight managed the packing and distribution by carefully organising all items for each individual and dispatching them to their respective addresses, saving Allwyn valuable time.
The Result
Providing seamless execution from pack fulfilment to delivery, the project funded the collection of over 34,000kg of ocean-bound plastic (the equivalent in weight to 3,000,000 plastic bottles) from the carefully selected promotional merchandise.
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