In March 2024, Vistra, a global leader in fund and corporate services with a strong presence worldwide, announced their new purpose, brand and strategy following a recent merger. They launched a global campaign to bring their reimagined brand to life.
The Brief
With a big launch event planned across all offices worldwide, Vistra turned to Limelight with the task of sourcing a number of branded merchandise items that would not only facilitate their rebrand but showcase their purpose-led coherent brand identity.
Private Equity
The Limelight Solution
Limelight presented Vistra with a range of products tailored to what their new brand represents. Our experienced sales team provided recommendations on popular and sustainable branded merchandise items that would truly reflect Vistra's brand and message.

From utilising products made from recycled materials to offering sustainable product alternatives, we ensured that every item aligned with Vistra's requirements and commitment to environmental responsibility.

Finally, to guarantee timely delivery, we counted, separated and packaged the items for each destination at our warehouse, ensuring that the right quantities of merchandise were prepared and shipped accordingly.
The Result
Limelight supported Vistra by designing & producing a completely new range of branded merchandise for their rebrand event. We managed fulfilment, packing and delivery to over 110 locations around the world.
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