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Corporate Gift Packs

Corporate Gift Packs

Our branded promotional packs are guaranteed to leave an impact. Wow your clients and leave them with a lasting impression. Simply pick your gifts and let Limelight do the rest! Follow our 8 simple steps to designing your perfect promo pack.

1. Select gifts
that are relevant for the event and audience

2. Select the packaging
that is most suitable for your needs (tube, postal box, presentation box, bag)

3. Tell us the numbers
Advise us on the number of attendees expected to attend

4. Attendees register to receive the packs
We set up a GDPR secure link for attendees to register. This can be emailed with the event link and application deadline

5. We collate the info
We will collate the customers’ details and keep you updated on the number of registrations

6. We produce and pack
the items selected for your promotional packs

7. We send your packs
Either through the post or courier

8. Wow your clients!

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