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Our branded drinkware collection ranges from branded coffee mugs and tumblers, to travel mugs, eco-friendly cups and sports bottles. We offer a wide selection of drinkware perfect for any occasion. Whatever your branded drinkware requirements are, Limelight have the solution!

Cups, mugs, tumblers and travel flasks are all great products for printing with your company logo. Due to the nature of drinkware, a product that is used multiple times on a daily basis, your brand is sure to get increased visibility.

Printed with your company logo, our promotional drinkware will give your brand higher exposure. From branded coffee cups and mugs, to promotional sports bottles and even eco-friendly, reusable coffee cups.

Our range of promotional sports bottles make effective giveaways for trade shows and exhibitions. With the growing increase in demand for reusable drinkware and eliminating single use cups, your prospects will be impressed with your efforts to alleviate this problem. Offering a reusable sports bottle or coffee tumbler as a freebie is a great way to highlight your brands eco-friendly efforts.

We also offer a range of branded eco-friendly drinkware, from branded eco-friendly coffee cups to sports bottles. Using materials such as bamboo and recycled plastic, our eco-friendly drinkware collection will increase your brands green image.

Branded drinkware has always been at the forefront of effective promotional products, simply sue to their multiple use nature, and low cost. Making them cost effective and great value for your marketing budget.

Our range of promotional drinkware is available in a large number of colour, size and design options. We have the perfect branded mug or promotional cup for any creative requirement.

At Limelight Publicity, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, huge product range, and ability to fulfil almost any requirement. To find out more about how we can help your brand shine, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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