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How to increase footfall on your stand at exhibitions and trade shows

How to increase footfall on your stand at exhibitions and trade shows

How to increase footfall on your stand at exhibitions and trade shows

Exhibitions and trade shows are an essential for direct marketing to current and future customers in your market. You know that everyone at the exhibition is interested in your genre of product as they have voluntarily come to the event, resulting in not only a captive audience, but a very enthusiastic one! This alone is the exact reason why you need to make your stall stand out from the many other similar stalls, and we’ve come up with some suggestions on exactly how to do this.

For anyone that has ever attended a trade show or exhibition, you’ll know that these events are thirsty work! By providing attendees with refreshments you can quench their interest in your stall whilst they stop to refresh. Utilising branded cups and packaging will boost the visual marketing for your brand as people take away any snacks or goodies whilst they walk around the event.

Next up, why not offer a fun type of freebie? Competitions have an added element of excitement and will mean you could collect email addresses for your email marketing. Entice people into your competition by offering a reward for entering – trending gimmicks are a great way of engaging an audience. By supplying a branded product that is popular of the time will boost your stalls footfall! A gift can act as a tangible reminder of your business and brand.

Remember to give the people what they want, and what do people want more than to access Wi-Fi or their phone? Branding power banks and portable car chargers will entice any mobile addict to your stand without a doubt, and we’re sure they will carry on using it in the future. By gifting something with a practical use, customers are more likely to come over to your store and engage with your products.

Why not give people something to use in the office? You can’t go wrong with the traditional gifts, and everyone loves a pen, mug, note pad or mouse mat. So why not use them to your advantage by tracking the ROI on these types of products by branding them with a bespoke URL that people can use to search for on your website. This way you can track and distinguish where people have come from to land on your website. Or use the same idea to send them to your social pages or to sign up to a newsletter, the opportunities are endless!

If you’re still looking for a little inspiration, then go over to the products section of our website for some more ideas!

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