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Light Up Logo Products: Limelight Top Products

Light Up Logo Products: Limelight Top Products

Light Up Logo Products: Limelight Top Products

In this edition of ‘Limelight Trending Products’ we bring you the latest, and one of our favourite trending product ranges – Light Up Logo Promotional Merchandise.

If you’ve attended any promotional merchandise or marketing exhibitions recently you’ll have seen this trend growing. Light Up Logo Promotional Merchandise is particularly unique because, as the name suggests, these products will actually light up your logo. What better way to get your brand in the limelight – quite literally!

In this day and age, brand awareness is everything. If consumers aren’t aware of your brand, they simply won’t buy from you. To build your brand awareness it is important to establish a collection of promotional merchandise that really highlights what your brand stands for. Our range of light up products is perfect for this cause.

Really stand out from the competitors and highlight your brand with our range or Light Up Logo Promotional Merchandise. This range will look fantastic on your exhibition or trade show stand. Given out as freebies, your lit up logo is sure to resonate with prospective clients.

This range includes a number of items all made incredibly unique by the light up branding feature. From notebooks and pens to charging cables and powerbanks, our Light Up Logo Promotional Merchandise range has it all!

Here are a few of our favourite products from the range:

  1. Light Up Logo Tumbler: double wall tumbler. Engrave your logo and when picked up and shaken, the tumbler will light up your logo.
  2. Light Up 3-in-1 Charge Cable: sure to get your brand the attention it deserves. Light up your logo with this unique product. Engraved with your company logo, lights up when in use. Includes micro USB, type C, lightning (iOS) connections for charge and sync capabilities.
  3. Light Up Logo Notebook: display your logo in a unique way. The front of the notebook cover contains a light to light up your logo. Including two CR 2032 batteries and removable notebook with 128 lined cream coloured pages of 80 g/m2.
  4. Light Up Powerbank: Light up your logo with our Light Up Powerbank! Flat and durable powerbank with 4.000 mAh lithium polymer battery. The powerbank has the option for an engraved logo on the front panel. When using the powerbank the logo will light up, highlighting your brand in a great way.
  5. Wireless Light Up Logo Headphones: customised with your logo on the ABS surface. The logo will light up when using the item, creating maximum exposure of your brand. The headphones use BT 4.2 for smooth connection up to 10 metres. The built-in 400 mAh battery allows you to play music for up to 4 hours on 1 charge and re-charge is done in 2 hours.
Light Up Logo Products


So there you have it, our top picks from our Light Up Logo range. There are loads more products available in this collection so if you have something else in mind, check out our full Light Up Logo Promotional Merchandise range.

At Limelight Publicity we offer a vast range of promotional products perfect for any occasion. To find out more about how we can help you brand shine, get in touch with one of our friendly team today!


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