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Altro are a leading UK, family-owned manufacturer and supplier of wall and floor coverings, founded in 1919. Today they are a global operator in premium flooring and wall cladding systems for construction. Altro are proud of the name they have made in their industry for launching new and inventive products and any promotional products need to match and convey this reputation for innovation.

The Brief

Altro were looking to launch a summer promotion. They wanted to raise awareness of their brand, maintain great name recognition in their industry and stay ahead of the competition. In addition, they also wanted to boost their presence on social media.

The Limelight Solution

Limelight brainstormed a range of different seasonal concepts, and the final idea selected by Altro was to give out a custom pair of flip-flops. These were specially designed with a stylish retail-style look to ensure people would want to wear them. This involved meticulous levels of design detail, down to the choice of sandwich sole, full colour beach print on the top surface and even the client logo etched into the base, reversed – so the footprints would leave the logo print on the sand behind them!

Included in the pack with the flip-flops was a call-to-action card, asking the wearer to email their flip-flop holiday picture in to be entered into a prize-draw. This was designed to create a synergy between promotional and social marketing strategies.

The Result

The campaign was a great success on all fronts. The flip-flop holiday pictures Altro received were posted on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, causing a significant increase in social media engagement and a measurable boost to Altro’s online presence. Not only that, but their brand was also at the forefront of their clients’ minds, even whilst they were on holiday.

The Future

Following on from the successful creation of this summer-focused campaign, embracing different strands of marketing activity, Altro and Limelight continue to work together to create and deliver innovative and effective promotional projects.

A smart way to manage your merchandise
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A smart way to manage your merchandise
Secure access to your dedicated online SWAG store, 24/7
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