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More than 2.2 billion passenger journeys are delivered across 14 European countries each year by Arriva making them one of the larges providers of passenger transport in Europe. Part of their vision and values, ‘the Arriva Way’ is ‘delivering outstanding customer service’, they not only provide a reliable, safe and comfortable service but they strive to provide an attractive alternative to the private car.

The Brief

Arriva were planning some experiential marketing activity on-board key bus routes during the few weeks up to Christmas. The idea was to give out prize filled branded Christmas crackers as part of a larger on-board experience.

The promotion was going to take place across all six regions with a different batch for each of the areas. Each region would then have their own set of winners who would claim the prizes which would need to be fulfilled after the event.

The Limelight Solution

As the approved merchandise supplier for Arriva, we were very excited about this project because we know how well this type of project works. While the sourcing team were at work the design team began putting together product visuals of how these would look and how all the components would synergise aligned with the brand guidelines. Despite Arriva saying that their brief ‘might be pushing it a little’, Limelight produced and fulfilled the project exactly as required and on time.

The Result

Response from those who received the experience was amazing, happy recipients were all over social media applauding Arriva for the enjoyment they had on the bus ride. There was also a huge increase in brand engagement from much wider than just those that were in the right place at the right time. This creative, exciting project fitted in perfectly with the brands vision and values and was a great success.

The Future

Limelight continues to work closely with Arriva to provide all their corporate promotional merchandise to the same high standard. Our creative and sourcing teams are always on hand for when projects come up like this that are outside their normal event schedule.

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