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The AXA Group is the largest insurance brand in the world, serving 107 million customers worldwide and employing almost a quarter of a million people in 64 countries.  Continuously striving to make the lives of their customers better and safer, AXA specialize in both the insurance and healthcare markets.

The Brief

AXA UK required a simple and easy-to-use central solution through which their different teams could view and order merchandise.  Their current process was slow and disjointed with all the different teams ordering their own products, which created challenges with brand management, cost management and time management.

The Limelight Solution

Limelight worked with AXA to make improvements in two key areas:

  • A central online merchandise webshop, through which all teams can instantly see the pre-approved merchandise range available and place orders for direct delivery anywhere in the world
  • Enhance the merchandise product range to cater to all areas

The Result

Limelight now work with AXA as their preferred merchandise partner in the UK, supporting all teams through the bespoke Ease-e-Order™ merchandise portal.  This has cut down on time spent looking for ideas and placing orders and made it quick and easy to order pre-approved merchandise.

AXA and Limelight have worked together to create an exciting & dynamic merchandise range – for AXA, AXA PPP Healthcare and also dual-branded AXA & Liverpool FC merchandise.

Bags & Travel, Executive & VIP, Office, Technology

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