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Barings is a $317+ billion global financial services firm dedicated to meeting the evolving investment and capital needs of its clients and customers. Through active asset management and direct origination, they provide innovative solutions and access to differentiated opportunities across public and private capital markets.

A subsidiary of Massmutual, Barings maintains a strong global presence with business and investment professionals located across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

The Brief

Barings wanted a global solution for their merchandise.  All stock and operations were done by their US head office but the incumbent supplier was slow, they weren’t getting the products they wanted and were having service issues.  They wanted to expand the operation to cover the UK as well as Asia and didn’t feel comfortable that the incumbent had the capabilities to do this.

The Limelight Solution

Limelight built a global web platform with online ordering, voucher scheme and storage of products in 3 regions (US, UK and Asia)

The Result

The new Ease-e-Order platform has been a roaring success with nearly 1000 orders placed online within the first quarter.  The improved user experience and fast turnaround has left the client very happy and excited to build their brand further with more use of merchandise both within and outside the company in the future.

Clothing, Drinkware, Notebooks, Outdoor

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