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Worldwide energy giant BP have a hugely strong brand but work in a highly competitive market which means they need to be at the top of their game with their marketing to keep one jump ahead. They can only do this by working with suppliers with the same approach.

The Brief

BP employ thousands of very highly trained professionals who they look after very will to keep them working at their best. The basic requirement was some high-end VIP gifts that would attract and retain top talent. They were looking for a range of items that could be given out as rewards that would motivate staff; boost productivity and increase job satisfaction.

The Limelight Solution

Our creative team began brainstorming concepts that would fit the brief.  These were presented to BP who chose three gifts that they thought would best meet their objectives.

  • Laptop Backpack with BP branding
  • Executive Metal Mens Chronograph Watch in gift tin
  • Executive Leather Ladies Chronograph watch.

Once the final designs were signed off, Limelight sourced and produced the gifts and delivered them in a timely fashion.

The Result

The finished products looked spectacular, high-quality, professional and aesthetic. BP were the happy client having received a great product, on time with hassle free service.

The client was kept in touch at all stages of the design, production and delivery process to give them total peace of mind.

The Future

Limelight continues to work with BP and look forward to developing further ideas and working on future projects. We are readily available to source, design and deliver, branded products anywhere in the world to a standard worthy of BP and to give them the Brand Control they require as and when their projects arise.

Executive & VIP

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