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British Red Cross

British Red Cross

As one of the worlds largest voluntary organisations and a target audience of pretty much all mankind, the British Red Cross use branded promotional merchandise and direct mail in high volumes to keep their important message out there.

The Brief

With large scale direct mail campaigns running on a frequent basis, the British Red Cross needs to be sure of their supply chain solution. Limelight was engaged to manage the sourcing and supply of their merchandise, ensuring strict quality control procedures were followed and that the products were manufactured to specific specifications.

The Limelight Solution

With our global presence and access to manufacturers worldwide, Limelight was able to call on the experience of our partner factories in order to produce exactly what was required.  Our stringent quality control procedures came into their own to ensure the products were ethically sourced and produced as well as being delivered on brand and on time.

The Result

A successful direct mail was carried out on time and hassle free. It fitted perfectly with the message they were portraying especially as it met the stringent ethics that British Red Cross upholds. They were given notifications and photos at each stage of the production and shipping process to keep them informed that everything was going to plan and give them peace of mind.

The Future

Direct mail continues to be a success for the British Red Cross and Limelight remains their reliable partner for sourcing and production of promotional products. We often work on new developments and investigate product ideas for low cost – high impact merchandise to keep their important message going out.


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