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As one of the worlds leading technology companies providing a huge spectrum of solutions to all different markets worldwide, Cisco needs to show that in its marketing mix. Therefore their Promotional items need to be at the cutting edge of technology, portraying creativity and innovation.

The Brief

We received an email from Cisco entitled “URGENT – Last minute request” which detailed their requirement some gifts for an event in Athens. They were looking for a high quality innovative gift that would appeal to an audience of techy people; something that would be kept and used by the recipient who would always associate the product with the brand. All this had to be designed sourced manufactured and delivered to Athens in just two weeks!

The Limelight Solution

Limelight’s creative brain went into action and came up with several options that met the brief. These were sent off with pictures and all relevant information to Cisco who immediately fell in love with our suggestion of Bluetooth headphones. Our design team then worked with their branding department to create some visuals. Once design of the headphones had been approved we then produced and delivered them in a timely fashion.

The Result

The show was a great success for Cisco who reported great brand engagement as a result.

“The headphones went down really well, thank you!  I’m super grateful for your quick turn-around and letting us pay exceptionally after putting the order in.”

This was the perfect solution to the need, the innovative high quality branded giveaway fitting with Cisco’s position in the market as the worlds leading technology company.

The Future

Our help in this particular situation was immediately rewarded with subsequent enquiries and we continue to develop a good working relationship with Cisco.

A smart way to manage your merchandise
Secure access to your dedicated online SWAG store, 24/7
A smart way to manage your merchandise
Secure access to your dedicated online SWAG store, 24/7
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