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Everest have been fitting windows, doors and conservatories for over 50 years. Made in the UK to rigorous quality standards, they have built up a strong reputation for high quality, reliability and a nation wide supply chain.

The Brief

With over 400 field consultants all over the UK, Everest required a partner that could produce their new merchandise, clothing and also hold their stock with their printed collateral. Stock was being held in a small warehouse in Cardiff and was hard to account for, manage and control.

The Limelight Solution

Limelight built a custom webshop that linked to Everest’s internal sales hub where all their consultants and sales team could access and purchase merchandise, corporate clothing, window samples and printed material using their sales bonus points or credit card.

The Result

The shop has been a great success. Consultants can now order all their sales support material when they need it and Limelight ship out around all over the UK. With over 50 orders per week and growing steadily, Everest merchandise is getting huge exposure and is easily tracked and managed.

The Future

With Everest’s growing sales team, the range of merchandise is steadily expanding and evolving to meet their changing requirements. The webshop gives the flexibility to make quick changes yet keeping everything streamlined and easily accessible.

Clothing, Outdoor, Sports

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