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Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett launched Welcome Packs (SWAG) as a pilot across their Head Office from November 2021 until January 2022

The aim of the initiative was to make new starters feel special and excited to be joining H&B during a period of transformational growth. We wanted to connect them to our products and get a sense of what H&B is all about.

We also hoped to increase visibility and engagement on social media, starting to reposition our employer brand.
Overall, we’ve had great feedback, both from new starters, Leaders across H&B and through reach on social media.

The pilot received huge social media reach, with 11,031 views of one post through the H&B account. Engagement was high, with new starters also posting, generating >1000 likes and >100 comments. In order to encourage activity, we used a set of #hashtags for colleagues to share their onboarding experience. Sending a high volume of packs all out at once also helped generate a real buzz across LinkedIn.

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