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Kennedys came to us with an innovative idea, ‘to create an interactive & unique, Onboarding Pack that features sustainable products.’

After selecting and branding a range of useful and eco-friendly swag, we joined forces to produce something exclusive to their brand.

Together with a team of highly skilled videographers, we visited Kennedy’s London office and filmed an ‘augmented reality’ video. It features a personal welcome message from Senior Partner, Nick Thomas.

When the new employee receives their pack and scans the unique QR code, Mr Thomas appears in their camera view and delivers a welcoming speech, emphasising the company’s brand values.

This Onboarding Pack is now shipped out internationally, to new starters in 21 countries, across 42 offices, joining a team of over 2,400 employees!

This is so much more than just a pack, view the video here: Kennedys Onboarding Pack

Products featured:

  • Thermal Bottle
  • Notebook
  • Mug
  • Coaster
Drinkware, Eco-friendly, Notebooks, Office, Staff Engagement
Sustainability Award
Limelight have been awarded a Gold rating for sustainability
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