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In the competitive market of car sales, KIA need to have something that gives them the edge on their rivals. They are a household brand that is a part of the lives of their clients. They recognise the importance of a good merchandise range in their marketing mix in order to achieve this.

The Brief

An all round revitalisation of the whole merchandise process was needed, right from concept through to the client. They wanted a whole new range of products consistent with the KIA brand guidelines as well as being unique and tailored to their target market. A centralised, automated system was needed in order to successfully control the ordering and distribution of the merchandise and that it is consistent across the company.

The Limelight Solution

KIA were attracted by the fully managed merchandise solution offered by Limelight so our Australian creative team began working with them to develop a unique range of branded products. Once these were approved we then produced them via our worldwide sourcing team.

The finished products were stocked in our Australian warehouses and put on the bespoke merchandise webstore for call off as and when needed without a minimum order quantity. Our Ease-E-Order system gives head office, internal staff and dealers 24/7 access to their merchandise through their own unique log in which shows real time stock levels and order history etc.

The Result

Limelight Australia now manages the entire process from product concepts to final delivery. The system is incredibly simple and efficient, each individual user can procure the giveaways with no hassle and head office has full control and visibility of how much merchandise is being distributed.

Today Kia Motors Corporation stands proudly at number 74 in the exclusive list of the ‘Top 100 Best Global Brands,’ according to the 2015 study released by Interbrand, the world’s largest brand consultancy agency. This shows how effective a smooth running merchandise system is as part of a wider marketing plan.

The Future

As fresh briefs for additional or new product ranges come up, the Limelight Australia team continue to work with Kia to produce merchandise worthy of their world class reputation and the Ease-E-Order stocking and distribution system continues to run as smoothly as their cars.

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A smart way to manage your merchandise
Secure access to your dedicated online SWAG store, 24/7
A smart way to manage your merchandise
Secure access to your dedicated online SWAG store, 24/7
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