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Recently, we were given the opportunity to partner with Microsoft and Temenos – two of the largest IT companies on the globe. Temenos are specialists in banking software systems with 25 years experience. Their systems are used by the top 50 banks in the World.

Microsoft’s mission is to ‘empower every person and organization’ around the world to ‘achieve’ more. Temenos ‘digital to the core’ ethos pairs with this perfectly.

The Brief

The software giants came to Limelight seeking a premium gift to debut their partnership at a global conference in Dublin #TCF2018. The two firms wanted to give away a product to all delegates as well as a select number of VIP investors at the upcoming event.

The Limelight Solution

In order to deliver an intelligent product that suits both brands, Limelight worked with both firms to brainstorm a range of innovative and on-trend items that would be well received by all conference attendees.  Among the collection of ideas, a particular product emerged. This was a Premium Infuser Water Bottle – perfect for use in the office, at home, on the go and in the gym. The 800m tritan bottle included a flip lid, interior infuser compartment, sleek and curved main body, and both logos clearly displayed. A simple and effective solution was born.

The Result

Limelight produced over 1500 units of this stylish and practical bottle and delivered directly to the conference location in Dublin, in under three weeks. The Temenos/Microsoft teams were able to hand out these premium gifts at their event successfully.

Exhibition & Conference

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