Promotional branded Employee Welcome Packs items with your logo

Welcome pack for onboarding new employees

Surprise your new recruits with our custom-branded welcome packs for new employees. Our onboarding packs play an important role in easing the transition for new hires joining a company. The perfect onboarding pack goes beyond materialistic value, but also helps foster a sense of belonging and appreciation from the get-go.

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What out branded employee welcome packs have to offer

Here at Limelight Publicity, we provide a variety of branded onboarding gifts designed to help new employees feel at home in your company. Our selection includes customisable pens, tote bags, water bottles, and more. Adding your company logo to these items not only personalises the welcome pack but also strengthens your brand identity from day one.

Our sustainable range for employee starter packs

Our eco-friendly welcome packages help businesses prioritise their brand ethos and improve employee engagement. The range supports businesses in meeting ‘golden’ corporate social responsibility standards while fostering a positive first impression. Choosing items from our sustainable range for your customisable welcome pack demonstrates your dedication to our planet whilst providing practical and thoughtful branded items that help integrate new employees into the company culture.

How to get your personalised onboarding packs

To get your branded onboarding pack, simply complete the form below, and we will be in touch to help you create the perfect onboarding pack for your company. We can send your onboarding packs to your company or to multiple locations. We can deliver your onboarding packs to your company or multiple locations, ideal for companies hiring remote workers.