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Bottle Opener Sunglasses
Bottle Opener Sunglasses

Bottle Opener Sunglasses

Combining two summer essentials – sunglasses and beer! With a bottle opener on each arm, our Bottle Opener Sunglasses are great for summer campaigns!

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Our Bottle Opener Sunglasses combine the need for sunglasses and beer! Sunglasses are a popular summer promotional giveaway with ample space for branding. The metal bottle opening feature is at the end of each arm. The colour of the frame will be closely matched to your pantone requirement. The lenses are of UV400 and CE standard. Other styles are available.

Material: PC Frame with AC Lens Certification: UV400 and CE Size: 150 x 160 x 50mm Colour: Closely Matched to your Pantone Requirement Print: Spot Colour Print on 2 Positions Bottle Opener on the End of Arm

The Bottle Opener Sunglasses are a great product for any summer campaign

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