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Covid Rapid Test Kits

Covid Rapid Test Kits

The Antigen Swab Test is performed by fully trained, insured operatives, ensuring accurate results and safeguarding against cross contamination. This removes the user error and cross contamination that can make home tests unreliable and inaccurate.

Our testing services meet the latest Government guidelines, and are CE approved. They have been awarded the highest accuracy rating in the UK and have been purchased in large quantities by HM Government.

Digital Data

Results are linked to a Cloud based, data-driven digital tool that enables symptom tracking, test result management, risk assessment, estimated return to work date, contact tracing and a comprehensive reporting suite.


Our 15-minute COVID testing gives organisations a rapid solution. The current Government testing regime is under pressure. Rapid testing provides a scalable solution for your business and eases the burden on the NHS.

We provide corporate testing for organisations with up to 10,000 employees. Bringing safe, scalable on-site testing to your premises

15 Minute Covid-19 Test

The Antigen Swab test consists of a sole nasal swab. It is the only 15-minute Antigen currently available in the UK.

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