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Easter Bunny Jelly Gummy

Easter Bunny Jelly Gummy
Easter Bunny Jelly Gummy

Easter Bunny Jelly Gummy

Easter Bunny Jelly Gummy individually packaged. Outer packaging printed with your company logo and Easter greeting. Great for Easter client gifts.

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Easter Bunny Jelly Gummy individually packed standard design fruit gum, in premium quality, 10% fruit content, 12 g.

Easter is all about the chocolate, but we can’t forget, not everyone loves chocolate! This Easter our promotional Easter gifts range included many non-chocolate items. The Easter Bunny Jelly Gummy included! This tasty treat will make a fantastic Easter gift for customers, prospective clients and of course your team. Printed with your company logo to the outer packaging. Also a great product for increasing brand awareness.

If you like our Easter Bunny Jelly Gummy, check out our full collection of Promotional Easter Products. We offer a fantastic range of promotional products perfect for any occasion. To find out how we can help your brand shine, get in touch with one of our friendly team today.

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