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Potato Starch Carrier Bags 1
Potato Starch Carrier Bags 3
Potato Starch Carrier Bags 1
Potato Starch Carrier Bags 3

Potato Starch Carrier Bags

100% compostable altertnative to polythene and plastic carriers made using potato starch.

Ditch polythene wrap for this compostable Potato Starch Carrier Bags alternative. Here are 3 ways you could dispose of it:

  1. Add to a well-maintained home compost heap
  2. Toss it in your garden waste bin
  3. Snip open one end, slide the magazine out and use the bag to line your food waste caddy

The majority of councils provide garden waste bins, but if you are unsure please check with your local council’s advice. Please do not place this bag in your recycle bin. If you are unable to dispose of it in a compost heap or garden waste bin, please pop it into your domestic waste.

Our Potato Starch Carrier Bags are certified home compostable. Complies with European standard EN13432. Of course this does come at a cost and prices will naturally be more than our normal bags, but we feel this is a viable alternative to oil based polythene with the best green credentials to back it up.

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