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How sustainable is your SWAG?

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We’ll conduct a free merchandise audit, to understand where you could immediately change your future purchasing decisions, and move towards innovative, sustainable products.

Keep pace with the green movement and discover ways to become more eco-friendly with your merchandise.

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Our team are here to inspire you to go green!

How does it work?

We’ve created 4 easy steps. Let’s not over complicate it!

We have a rapidly growing range of products that are created around the ethos of Recycle, Reuse and Reduce.

Our aim is to help build a more sustainable future with our clients, by working together to substitute their branded merchandise with this growing, sustainable product range.

Product origin
Recycling or reusing

Step 1

Provide our team with a list of your current merchandise stock

Step 2

Share your future merchandise campaigns and typical purchasing behaviour

Step 3

Our team will evaluate your current merchandise range based on; materials, manufacturing process, origin, ease of recycling or reusing, lifespan

Step 4

You’ll receive a selection of appropriate eco-friendly alternatives to ALL your promotional merchandise

Go Green with Limelight

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Our merchandise experts will then be in touch to help you transition to a greener future of merchandise.

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Limelight have been awarded a Gold rating for sustainability
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