Brand Presentation

Brand presentation is a key objective of any promotional campaign. Usually, a client’s brand logo and strapline already exist when our creative team is engaged, but if not our team can provide inspired designs and strapline options.

Limelight’s design teams excel at translating the presentation of the brand on to a promotional item. Whether it is a pencil, a drinking bottle made from recycled plastic or a golf jacket, our design team is more than capable.

Specialist Technical Knowledge

The process requires a range of skills and specialist knowledge – for example the best inks to use on a given substrate, whether etching or embossing are practical options, how best to stitch a logo badge to a beanie hat – and what size works best. This design cycle takes place in consultation with our client, suggesting, testing and selecting the final design parameters.

Advanced Technology

Our design office is equipped with the latest technology to enable us to rapidly develop the final product set technical specification (and prototype if required) including:
  • High resolution photography
  • 3D image rendering
  • Logo orientation and sizing
  • Print, etching or embossing specification
  • Branded product visuals
  • Packaging specification
  • Web design
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