The System

Limelight has developed an online ordering system for managing your merchandise stock. This extremely useful and versatile tool allows you to view, select and call-off pre-approved promotional products held in stock for you and have them delivered anywhere in the world.  

This makes it easy for you to plan and service your promotional campaigns, while we at Limelight take care of all the back-end tasks.

Ease-E-Order Benefits

Ease-E-Order Benefits
  • All stock is pre-approved – no waiting for samples and approval
  • Immediate access to stock 24/7
  • Schedule shipments worldwide
  • Bulk prices without any minimum call-off quantities
  • Simple stock management - a client sees only one virtual warehouse, the physical stock is held in Limelight’s warehouses
  • Automatic replenishment – Limelight ensures that stock levels are maintained to pre-agreed levels

Dedicated online store

We create a secure online virtual store, totally unique and replicating your own website's look and feel.  The store holds stock of a your pre-approved promotional items, ready branded and available for immediate shipment.

When we engage with you and the initial stock profile requirement has been agreed, we manage the sourcing and warehousing of the physical stock and set up the products in your engaging, user-friendly and effective virtual store.

Store features

The following are the main features are available to your authorised users:
  • Check stock levels of individuals products
  • Set an automatic replenishment level (optional)
  • Request stock replenishment
  • Schedule delivery of branded merchandise to any address
  • Cancel/reschedule a shipment
  • Maintain delivery addresses
  • Maintain authorised users
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