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Staff engagement

Reward, retain and recruit great talent…

Reward talent that shines.
Bring them into the limelight!

Your people matter

Create a physical impression and break through the noise

Empower your teams and managers to reward and recognise each other using personalised direct mail and gifting. Provide your team with multiple ways to improve the wellbeing of your staff. Big or small, sending swag makes happier employees at work and in life.

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More than just a pat on the back

Reward great work

Recognition goes a long way and it’s important that you acknowledge and encourage staff whenever you see great work.

Choose your rewards

You measure, we help reward…

Project milestones
Learning and development

Cheaper than ‘churn’

Make the experience great

HR and Managers have an opportunity to nurture employees, just like you would a valued customer.

From onboarding through to learning and development, send swag to reward and give them a reason to stick around. It’s far cheaper (and quicker) than recruiting.

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Proud ambassadors

Celebrate your culture and use swag as a great way for employees to champion your brand

Send targeted gift packs to attract, engage and retain the best talent. Your people will have everything they need to show off where they’re working, and why!

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The office is open

Help your business show you care

Need to share some useful resources or provide new instructions and equipment? Package it in swag and help connect with your employees whilst they transition back to work.

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It’s simple…

Getting started is easy. Let our team know that you’re interested in any of the above staff engagement initiatives, and we’ll help make it happen. Like we said, simple.
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