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Return to work

Provide your employees with peace of mind, show you care

Make the return to work experience engaging and positive.

Welcome Back Packaging Box

Create personalised swag packs that deliver key communications and safety protocols

Prepare and equip your people before they return to the workplace

Address employees’ varying needs during the return to work. Ensure that you inform your people of changes to their work environment so they understand how to utilise these spaces to their full potential.

Consider sending a return-to-work kit with guidelines, equipment, PPE and useful information. Initiatives like this will provide your employees with peace of mind and encourage their return in the comfort that you are looking after them.

Send a Desk Essentials Pack
Desk Essentials Pack

Encourage your people back with incentives and clear benefits

Many who have happily shed their commutes, decreased their interaction with difficult colleagues, and let go of other frustrations of the office — relish the freedom, flexibility, and the increased productivity of working from home.

Make their return to work attractive, starting with each journey.  Wherever your people are heading (such as business meetings, events or the office), keep them safe on the go.

Send a Commuter Pack
Commuter Pack

Identify and manage the moments that matter most to employees

Empowerment is key. Give your employees the tools they need to perform. Make the first day back a positive experience with support information and branded products that are useful around the workplace and energise packs to keep meetings productive and ‘fun’.

Send a Productivity Pack
Productivity Pack

It’s simple

In 8 simple steps or less, we can have the perfect branded product or pack on its way anywhere in the world, whether you’re engaging on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis.

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Send branded promotional packs guaranteed to leave an impact

The ideas don’t stop there!

It shouldn’t be difficult to reward and support the people that matter!

​​​​​​​Our team bring innovative ideas to life, branding almost anything and delivering virtually anywhere to support your return to work campaigns. Here’s a few more ideas…

VIP Meeting Pack

VIP Meeting Pack

Arrive and attend in style

Welcome Pack

Welcome Pack

Create a connection with new employees

Wellness Pack

Wellness Pack

Care for employees in a meaningful way

Sustainable Pack

Sustainable Pack

Show your green credentials

Wait! there’s more…

Head over to our inspire me page to view a wider selection of pre-built packs.

Our selection of pre-built packs not quite right? Build your own packs

Choose from our product range and start creating your own swag packs. See how we design, pack and deliver swag packs anywhere, anytime.
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