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Staff engagement

Enhance the employee experience…

Deliver moments that matter!

Once you’ve determined the moments that really matter to you and your people, we’re here to deliver branded merchandise that demonstrates how much you appreciate your employees.

Limelight is ready to help you engage throughout your employee’s lifecycle; from the point they first consider applying for a job, all the way through to off-boarding.

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Check out our staff engagement and appreciation packs below

Empower your people

Empower your teams and managers to reward and recognise each other using personalised corporate gifts

Provide your team with multiple ways to improve the wellbeing of your staff. Big or small, sending swag makes happier employees at work and in life.

Welcome pack

The employee experience

Engage with consistency and develop strong employee advocacy from the start.

Forward-thinking businesses create personalised, people-first employee journeys that prioritise wellbeing, enhance collaboration, boost productivity, save time and skyrocket engagement.

Why reward? 

A strong employee experience also drives a strong customer experience!

Companies adopt employee recognition programs to raise employee morale; attract and retain key employees; elevate productivity; increase competitiveness, revenues and profitability; improve quality, safety and customer service; and reduce employee stress, absenteeism and turnover.

Start showing your appreciation today…

It’s simple…

Getting started is easy. Let our team know that you’re interested in any of the above staff engagement initiatives, and we’ll help make it happen. Like we said, simple.
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