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Create a connection with your customers, staff and the people that matter; deliver a personal touch that reinforces your brand.

Limelight work with companies of all sizes to manage the fulfilment of branded merchandise and gift packs.

With a large range of products, we provide themed collections for any event or audience. You can choose from a selection of curated gift packs, or build your own.

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Here are a few themes to get you started.

Don’t see one that fits? We love creating new and unique gift packages.


We create employee ‘wellbeing packs’ that are delivered to staff at home. The feedback from people actually receiving something physical in the post is awesome.


Returning to the office safely is a high priority. To help, we have ‘Back to work and hygiene’ packs that support new workplace protocols and promote cleanliness.


Online meetings and events are more prominent than ever. For instance, our packs can help breathe life into your virtual event and keep your audience engaged.


It’s important to keep in touch with those that matter and client gift packs are a great way to remain relevant, reward and strengthen relationships.

Kuehne+Nagel mock-up web portal merchandise promo items

It shouldn’t be difficult to reward the people that matter!

We have a unique and secure system for collecting individual addresses/choices if you require; we set you up with a custom web portal, then you just email a link out to the recipients.

You can create a pack with however few or many products you like & obviously branding can be amended however you wish. See how this works by taking a look at the process below.

Branded promotional packs guaranteed to leave an impact

Leave a lasting impression. Simply pick your gifts and let Limelight do the rest! Follow our 8 simple steps to designing your own collection.
Select Products 2.1
Select gifts

To get started in creating your Corporate Gift Pack, decide on which products you would like to include. A few things to think about when choosing your products:

Size & Weight – If the gift packs are being posted bear in mind the cost of postage and choose products that may be smaller and lighter. Packs that are 16 oz or less can ship much cheaper via regular mail.

Fragile items – Some products have a higher risk of breaking via post such as mugs, instead think about plastic or bamboo items.

Branding – Select items that you know will make an impact when it’s received. You want to make an impact with the gift pack and products of high quality will stand out.

Take a look at our product range

Product Categories
Select Packaging 2
Select the packaging

Canvas bag


Labelled box


Fully branded or something else?

Numbers 2
Tell us the numbers

Advise us the number of packs you require.

Contact Us Now
Register Laptop 2
Attendees register to receive the packs

We set up a GDPR secure link for attendees to register. This can be emailed with the event link and application deadline

Collate Info 2
We collate the info

We will collate the customers’ details and keep you updated on the number of registrations

Produce Pack 2
We produce and pack

The items selected for your promotional packs

Delivery 2
We send your packs

We send your packs – Once you are happy with the gift packs and signed off the artwork we will then send your packs to individual addresses.

Unpack 2

Wow your clients!

Once your packs have been received simply sit back and wait to receive positive feedback from your clients!

Interested in our range of Gift Packs? Get in touch

Fill out the details in our online form and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Or alternatively call us on +44 20 8447 4690


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