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Online Ordering Platform

If you’re wondering what Online Ordering Platform is, the clue is in the name! We recognized that our clients needed flexible, intuitive systems that allow them to use their time and money to best effect, and so we developed the Ease-e-Order® for hassle free, impactful promotional campaigns.

The Ease-e-Order® self-service portal gives you secure access to your dedicated online warehouse, 24/7, allowing you to view, select and call off pre-approved promotional products and have them delivered anywhere in the world at the click of a button.  We’ll take care of all the stock management, logistics and even offer a personalised, customer-facing online store.


Limelight holds and manages your pre-approved stock in our warehouses, so you can order what you need, when you need it.  A simple user interface means it’s easy to schedule shipments worldwide, with full support from our team if you need assistance.

  • Pre-approved stock – no waiting for samples or signoff
  • Immediate, 24/7 access to your stock
  • Easily schedule worldwide shipments
  • Bulk prices
  • No minimum call-off quantities
  • Simple stock management with a single interface
  • Automatic stock replenishment by agreement

E-commerce can be a daunting prospect, especially for small businesses – but with our Online Ordering Platform, it’s a breeze!  When you choose Limelight, we’ll set up a secure and totally bespoke online store designed to integrate seamlessly with the look and feel of your existing website.  Customers browse and order your ready-branded merchandise with ease, you arrange shipping, and we take care of the rest.

  • Bespoke design for an integrated online experience
  • Monitor stock levels
  • Choose manual or automatic stock replenishment
  • Schedule delivery to any address
  • Cancel or reschedule shipments
  • Maintain customer databases

Creative Design

Creative Design

Successful merchandising is about much more than simply putting a logo on a product – it requires in-depth design and marketing knowledge to achieve a result that looks great and delivers a return on investment.

Our team of design boffins is on hand to guide you through the whole creative process.  If you don’t already have a logo and strapline, we can help you create one, and we’ll offer advice on what products might work best for your campaign.  We also have unrivalled expertise on the practicalities – which inks work best on a particular surface, the possibilities for etching and embossing, what sizes to order and more.  This is always a process of close collaboration with our clients, ensuring satisfaction and success every time.

As a design-led brand merchandising expert, we can help your brand step into the spotlight.  With the expertise to develop your brand identity from scratch, we take care of everything under one roof for a hassle free, cost effective service.

Translating a logo, brand or slogan to a promotional product requires both design and technical expertise to develop functional, successful products that do their job.  Our specialist team has years of expertise in this field, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved to secure better results for our clients.

Limelight has invested in the most up-to-date software and technology, enabling us to deliver advanced design specifications and product prototypes.  These include:

  • High resolution photography
  • 3D image rendering
  • Logo orientation and sizing
  • Print, engraving or embossing spec
  • Branded product visuals
  • Packaging specifications
  • Web design



At Limelight, we’re delighted to count many globally recognised brands amongst our clients and these prestige brands quite rightly demand a high level of service with a reliable and responsive supply chain of quality, innovative products.

We’ve gone to great lengths, literally, to establish this – we’ve met with suppliers and distributors all over the world to ensure they match our highest expectations on service provision and product specification.

Limelight is proud to have attained international ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditations – but we see these standards as a mere starting point for what we want to achieve.  Our aim is always to exceed the minimum requirements on quality and environmental performance, and we expect the same commitment from our suppliers and distributors.

We care about the planet and this is reflected in the rapid growth of our ‘green’ product portfolio.  We believe we all have a responsibility to consider the environmental impact of commercial growth and we are fully committed to sourcing sustainable, recycled and recyclable products wherever possible.

Account Management

Account Management

We’re passionate about great design and fanatical about products, but here at Limelight, customer service is our ultimate currency.  Good relationships with our clients will always be the most important thing we create.

To this end, we assign a dedicated account manager to every single one of our clients.  From answering questions and managing deadlines to scheduling deliveries, their job is to ensure every job runs smoothly from start to finish and beyond.

Whether you have an established brand identity, or you’re starting from scratch, our account management team is on hand to guide you through the entire Limelight experience.  Years of expertise and straight-talking advice are invaluable to our clients in achieving effective, efficient campaigns.

As part of our continuous improvement policy, we also carry out a full debrief when a campaign ends.

Good communication is critical to the success of any merchandising campaign and Limelight’s account managers play a critical role in keeping the lines of communication open.  It’s their job to co-ordinate every aspect of the design, ordering, production and logistics process for an ultra-streamlined client experience that delivers on brief and on budget, every time.



Tried, tested and trusted by some of the biggest global brands, Limelight’s fulfillment service is the final link in the chain, enabling our clients to reach audiences all over the world.  Resilient and dynamic, our fulfillment service is tailored for each client so we can respond quickly and intuitively to their needs.

Need your branded products individually addressed and sent direct to your customer?  We can do that.

Want pre-packed, branded goody bags delivered direct to an event or exhibition?  No problem!

How about a bespoke promotional pack, assembled and delivered to multiple addresses?  Whatever your needs, we’ve got the fulfillment agility to make it happen.

We’ve said it before – we’re more than just another print company.  Limelight can co-ordinate entire direct mail campaigns, freeing you up to take care of business.  As well as branded merchandise, we can print letters, flyers, envelopes and more, then package and ship it for you.

With a logistics and fulfillment chain spanning 150 countries, we can deliver whatever you need, wherever it needs to go.  Our hassle-free, hands-off service makes Limelight the simplest, smartest choice.

Sustainability Award
Limelight have been awarded a Silver rating for sustainability
A smart way to manage your merchandise
Secure access to your dedicated online SWAG store, 24/7
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