5 office gifts everyone will love to receive this Christmas

Lyndon Evershed
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Lyndon Evershed
24 November 2017

It’s that time of year again when everyone starts feeling festive! The Christmas lights are up, the classic songs are playing on the radio and someone has started bringing mince pies into the office. Then, just before you know it you’ve been allocated the task to buy gifts for clients & staff! You never quite know what to get! So we’ve put together a list of the top 5 gifts that everyone in the office would DEFINITELY want this year!

Headphones – who doesn’t want a good pair of headphones in the office to help them get in the zone and really focus on their work? It also means you can drown out the office radio… after all, no one wants to listen to the same radio songs every day.

Stationary – no one really wants to admit it, but there is nothing better than using a brilliant pen at work! Just make sure you get them a pen pot as well to store all their new stationary.

Desk plant – bring a little bit of life and greenery to their desk. The desk top garden will also give this person something to look after on their desk, and then when it starts to grow they can boast to everyone in the office about how well they’ve looked after it. And consequently, I’m sure you’ll hear nothing if it ends up only surviving a couple of weeks!

Mug- now this one might sound boring, but hear me out. Everyone loves either a nice warm cup of coffee or tea in the morning after their cold winter commute to the office, right? So why not get them something that they’ll actually use! And everyone’s definitely got a favourite mug that they prefer to drink out of, so get them one that will beat their favourite.

Hamper – who doesn’t love food? A hamper full of goodies is definitely a secret Santa gift that will get everyone else feeling envious! You can personalise it with all of their favourite treats and snacks that they like to pick at in the office, and this way they won’t be raiding the snack cupboard every day!

So, we’ve started you off with a few festive, affordable and practical gifts that everyone in the office will love. So get out there and start shopping!

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